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Understanding and Treating Constipation


Now that the holidays and Super Bowl viewing parties are over, a lot of us are trying to get back on track with our diets and exercise routine. This is also a common time of year when many of my patients experience constipation.  People often think of constipation as having bowel movements that are hard to pass and stool is often hard and dry.  Constipation is actually defined as a condition in which a person has fewer than 3 bowel movements in a week and yes, most of the time stools are hard dry and small, making them difficult and [...]

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Warning Signs of Colon Cancer: How Do I Know If Things Aren’t Normal “Down There”?


Colorectal cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. With an estimated 135,430 new cases diagnosed in 2017. It is also the second most deadly cancer in the United States, causing 50,260 deaths last year. The chances of colon-cancer survival is higher the sooner it can be detected. Regular testing can reduce the risk of colon cancer, while staying aware of symptoms and risk factors is also important. Here are eight symptoms of colon cancer that you should not ignore. […]

Warning Signs of Colon Cancer: How Do I Know If Things Aren’t Normal “Down There”?2019-02-05T20:26:50-05:00
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