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Ask Nurse Alice Podcast: What We Should Know About Colon Cancer


When news broke that Chadwick Boseman suddenly passed away from colon cancer, I was completely shocked. The news has been a wake-up call for everyone, especially the African-American community, to start paying closer attention to our health. I recently was a guest on the Ask Nurse Alice podcast, hosted by the amazing nurse and online personality, Alice Benjamin, RN. We had a great conversation where I was able to share my expertise and knowledge about colorectal health and colon cancer. Listen to the full episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2vSEVGG2EZPVTm1mWWSK2B Transcription Nurse Alice: Hi, friends welcome to another episode of Ask Nurse [...]

Ask Nurse Alice Podcast: What We Should Know About Colon Cancer2020-09-09T21:51:02-04:00

Colon Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life


The key to fighting colorectal cancer is catching it early. Screening is the best way to find signs of cancer in your body. Scheduling and preparing for a colonoscopy can seem intimidating or maybe even scary, but it's nothing to be afraid of! Putting off a colon screening can do you more harm than good. In this video, Dr. O'Connor discusses the importance of colon cancer screening from her conversation on BlackDoctor.org with Nurse Alice Benjamin and Dr. Scott Metcalfe from Bravo's Married to Medicine. https://youtu.be/SIOuNA8wQqk   Transcription Dr. Lynn O'Connor: You want to get it early on, and [...]

Colon Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life2020-09-10T19:11:25-04:00

Rising Colon Cancer Rates in Younger People


50,000 people will die from colorectal cancer in 2020. 11% of those patients will be under the age of 50. One of the biggest reasons rates are rising? Symptoms are being ignored. Actor Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with colon cancer at just 39 years old, which unfortunately led to his death 4 years later. In this video from Dr. O'Connor's conversation on BlackDoctor.org with Nurse Alice Benjamin and Dr. Scott Metcalfe from Bravo's Married to Medicine, she discusses the recent spike in younger colorectal cancer patients and possible symptoms to look out for. https://youtu.be/r-tW2IRE4G8   Transcription Dr. Lynn O'Connor: [...]

Rising Colon Cancer Rates in Younger People2020-09-10T19:11:17-04:00

Dr. Lynn O’Connor in the News: Why is my Poop Green or Black?


As a colorectal surgeon, my patients often ask me about what they should be aware of when it comes to bowel movements. One question I'm often asked is, "Is it normal for my poop to be a different color?"  The truth is, poop can come in come in many different shapes and colors! It's not necessarily a bad thing for your stools to appear green or black. Your diet is a big factor that affects the color of your poop. Green foods like leafy greens, matcha, avocados and herbs can cause your poop to appear a green color. This is [...]

Dr. Lynn O’Connor in the News: Why is my Poop Green or Black?2020-07-24T15:04:26-04:00

Caring for a COVID-19 Patient


These are very scary and uncertain times. We have no idea of when the end of this is in sight. When will things get back to some semblance of normalcy? When will many of us get back to work? Will it be safe to even go back to work?  Will schools and day camps open back up? How will I feed and care for myself and my family? There are so many questions with little answers. It appears that we are in this for the long haul. Which means staying diligent in our effort to protect ourselves and our families, [...]

Caring for a COVID-19 Patient2020-07-24T15:08:58-04:00

Coping During COVID-19


“I hope you are doing well”    Nowadays, that seems like a loaded question.    I hope that everyone is doing as well as they can be in the face of this international pandemic.  We have over 120,00 cases of coronavirus in New York State, and collectively in the United States we have more cases than any other country.  Many of us have been furloughed, laid off, fired and released from our places of duty without knowing if these businesses will ever re-open. And many of us on the front lines are going to work each and every day, despite [...]

Coping During COVID-192020-07-24T15:05:26-04:00

A Message to My Patients: CRSNY During COVID-19


Dear Patient:   We hope you are doing well and staying safe in these uncertain times.  We at Colon & Rectal Surgery of New York wanted to reach out to you directly to reassure you that we do remain open to treat our patients.  We have also taken the necessary measures and precautions to ensure that all patients and staff members are able to come to the office safely while continuing to practice social distancing.  We have limited the number of patients who will be allowed in the office at any given time, facilitating the opportunity to have a solo [...]

A Message to My Patients: CRSNY During COVID-192020-07-24T15:06:11-04:00

CFN Live: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Outbreak


I’m passionate about educating and caring for my patients. The best way to prevent any type of disease is to arm oneself with information and to act early.  I recently appeared on The Catholic Network’s CFN Live with Colleen McVey. In my interview, I talked about how to take active measures when it comes to preventing colorectal cancer and preventing the spread of COVID-19.  Watch my interview with Colleen here starting at 4:48.  https://vimeopro.com/user98187253/catholic-faith-network-cfn/video/397317838?fbclid=iwar2mgfbfby64rc5nu5_dkupkzwuqzgdureklj4vbssxves5caznmgupmtgc   Since March is National Colorectal Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to raise awareness and take action toward prevention. The good news about colorectal [...]

CFN Live: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Outbreak2020-03-19T15:07:16-04:00

Understanding and Treating Constipation


Now that the holidays and Super Bowl viewing parties are over, a lot of us are trying to get back on track with our diets and exercise routine. This is also a common time of year when many of my patients experience constipation.  People often think of constipation as having bowel movements that are hard to pass and stool is often hard and dry.  Constipation is actually defined as a condition in which a person has fewer than 3 bowel movements in a week and yes, most of the time stools are hard dry and small, making them difficult and [...]

Understanding and Treating Constipation2020-02-17T14:29:11-05:00
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