“The vast amount of colorectal cancers are still seen in older patients. Young-onset colorectal cancer patients face significant challenges as their symptoms are sometimes misdiagnosed.”

11% of colon cancer diagnoses and 18% of rectal cancer diagnoses occur in those under 50. That’s a disheartening statistic. According to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a staggering 82% of young-onset colorectal cancer patients were misdiagnosed.

Gareth Cattermole/ Getty Images

As more and more younger patients are diagnosed with colon cancer, like actor Chadwick Boseman, spreading awareness about the disease is crucial. When a patient develops colon cancer, it’s often because symptoms are ignored.

Colon cancer is treatable and preventable if caught early on! The best ways to do this are to pay attention to symptoms and to get screened regularly.

I had the opportunity to be featured in an article on NickiSwift.com where I discussed the rise of colon cancer diagnoses among younger patients, what it means to be average-risk and more.

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